An amateur chamber music group being coached at the workshop.  An amateur string quartet being coached at the workshop.

“I have been a participant in this workshop for about 20 years. It is excellent
in every way: great format, excellent coaching, well-planned and run and interesting special guests/topics. It’s also a very relaxed social atmosphere and lots of fun......the coaches are all top notch.”

An amateur chamber music group rehearsing.  An amateur string quartet rehearsing at the workshop.
Beautiful location of Amateur Chamber Music Workshop

The Workshop meets at the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County

516 Prospect Street    Maplewood, NJ 

An amateur chamber music group performing at the final workshop of the session

Chamber Music


After a terrific fall workshop we are happy to announce our spring dates!  

The spring workshop dates are 

Jan 22, Feb 12, Mar 19, Apr 2

After a terrific spring workshop we are happy to announce our fall dates!  

The fall workshop dates are 

Sept. 24,  Oct. 22,  Nov. 19,  Dec. 10

Registration is now open for all string players.

There are two sessions per academic year each composed of 4 Saturday afternoons spaced about a month apart. In the fall and the spring the directors group the players by skill levels to work on their selected pieces. Of course preformed groups are always more then welcome. Each group is coached by professional musicians for half of the time on each day and works on its own for the remainder. There is a break in the middle of the afternoon for refreshments and hobnobbing. At the end of each afternoon there is a half-hour presentation of one kind or another geared to be of interest to the participants, perhaps a performance with professionals or a demonstration by an instrument builder or a brief lecture by a music historian.  At the final workshop of each session there is an opportunity for the groups to perform their pieces.


Give it a try!

Come play great music with great people and get great coaching!

This program has been made possible, in part, with support from ACMP Associated Chamber Music Players

Click here for an application

The cost of the workshop is $240 per semester

which includes all 4 sessions

and all you can eat of the hummus, chopped vegetables

coffee,  teas,  wine(last session only) and cheese,  crackers

cookies,  mini brownies,  ginger snaps, lemon tarts........

For any questions please write to us at the address below

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